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Throughout its existence, Cavalor has dedicated a lot of effort and resources to innovation, through pure research, applied research and field testing. This process has allowed Cavalor to gather an incomparable wealth of knowledge that  is embedded in products that do really work. Our motto “When the result counts, you count on our knowledge” is derived from those facts. When the results counts, one tries to find the products that work. In the equine world, the products that work can only be based on scientific and experimental knowledge.
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Cavalor Arti Matrix Cavalor Arti Matrix
Reg. Price: $158.95
Cavalor FreeBute Cavalor FreeBute
Reg. Price: $95.95
Cavalor Muscle Force Cavalor Muscle Force
Reg. Price: $87.95
Cavalor FreeBute Pro Cavalor FreeBute Pro
Reg. Price: $14.95