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Chillax™ Chillax™

Chillax™ is a scientifically designed nutritional supplement blend of chelated magnesium, marine peptides and L-Tryptophan designed to restore chemical balance to the central nervous system and to help focus excitable horses in stressful conditions, therefor maximizing equine performance.
Horses have different thresholds in how they react to particular situations and as such they require a supplement flexible enough to adapt to various situations. Tailor the Chillax™ intake to the horses specific needs.
Chillax™ contains no prohibited substances.
This is not a veterinary medicine which is subject to authorization by the FDA.

1 Tube = $29.95
3 Tubes = $86.85 ($28.95 each)
6 Tubes = $167.70 ($27.95 each)
12 Tubes = $324.40 ($
26.95 each)

Reg. Price: $29.95