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English Equine Bits

Every rider knows that communicating with your horse is a crucial part of riding, whether you’re embarking on a trail ride or participating in a competition event. Horse bits are an essential channel of communication and choosing the right one for you and your horse can make all the difference. It’s crucial to know the kind of bridle bit you need before you buy, because the wrong design can cause discomfort for your horse and drastically impact your riding experience.

Bit of Britain has a wide variety of horse bits for sale that attach easily to the bridle. Shop for classic loose ring and snaffle English bits for horses or try out one of our hackamore bits that apply pressure to certain parts of the face if you ride western or plan on doing some endurance riding. With everything from eggbutt and stubben bits to dee ring and full cheek designs, you are sure to find the right bit to suit you and your horse.

Aside from our vast selection of bits, Bit of Britain also carries several bit accessories, like gag cheeks and lip straps that will help make your horse more comfortable, especially when bits can get irritating during long rides. We know what riders are looking for and we are proud to offer quality products from top brands such as Happy Mouth, Herm Sprenger, Korsteel®, Myler, and Stübben that we know will enhance your riding experience.

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Myler English Dee MB 04 Myler English Dee MB 04
Reg. Price: $109.95
Myler Eggbutt MB 36 Myler Eggbutt MB 36
Reg. Price: $107.95
Cherry Roller Gag Bit Cherry Roller Gag Bit
Reg. Price: $107.95
Myler Eggbutt MB 06 Myler Eggbutt MB 06
Reg. Price: $99.95