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Equestrian Gifts Under $25

Have an Equestrian you'd like to surprise? Whether it's your barn manager, trainer, friend, or riding companion, Bit of Britain has ideas for that special horse lover in your life that won't break your bank.

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SupaFleece Girth Sleeves SupaFleece Girth Sleeves
Reg. Price: $19.95
Stud Box Stud Box
Reg. Price: $17.95
Plastic Boot Trees Plastic Boot Trees
Reg. Price: $16.95
Effax Cream Soap Effax Cream Soap
Reg. Price: $15.95
Effax Leather Combi Effax Leather Combi
Reg. Price: $15.95
Effax Leather Balsam Effax Leather Balsam
Reg. Price: $14.95
Stud Suds Stud Suds
Reg. Price: $13.50
MOSS Bit Cleaner MOSS Bit Cleaner
Reg. Price: $12.95
Tack Up Grip Spray Tack Up Grip Spray
Reg. Price: $12.95
Easiest Spur Strap Yet Easiest Spur Strap Yet
Reg. Price: $11.95
Lead Rope Key Chain Lead Rope Key Chain
Reg. Price: $10.95
Topaz Lead Rope Topaz Lead Rope
Reg. Price: $10.95
Spiral Grip Whip Spiral Grip Whip
Reg. Price: $9.95
Stud Blanks Stud Blanks
Reg. Price: $8.00
Colorful Riding Crop Colorful Riding Crop
Reg. Price: $7.95
Cotton Leads Cotton Leads
Reg. Price: $7.95
Stud Hole Cleaner Stud Hole Cleaner
Reg. Price: $4.95
Nunn Finer Easiest Horse Studs Yet Easiest Studs Yet
Reg. Price: $3.00