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Equinature™ horse care products are different!We guarantee our products are ALL NATURAL!. Equinature™ products do what we say they do.

We focus on purity, quality and effectiveness, using ingredients that are safe for you, your horse and the environment. Equinature™ fills the need for safer and better quality of ingredients in equine products. We only use vegetable and plant based resources, that are human grade; organic herbs and essential oils in our manufacturing.

Our products may be combined with each other to ensure valuable therapeutic effects, without the fear of chemical irritation , that is common with other products. Non-irritating essential care products that no horse should be without. Make the healthy choice for yourself and your horse with Equinature™!

It has been left up to you, the consumer, to identify what you are really buying. Unfortunately the terms Natural or Organic have become legal terms in today’s product market. Products that are labeled natural and organic may also contain man made ingredients and certain types of organic farming approved pesticides or insecticides. Even if you are an educated consumer you may not be aware of all the ingredients in a product, because the FDA does not require that all ingredients be listed on labels for externally applied animal care products.