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Finding the perfect bit for your horse can be a difficult and often expensive process. You can try literally dozens of bits before you find just the right one. Bit of Britain has the solution! Now you can choose from our extensive selection of genuine Herm Sprenger bits to take home and test out on your horse! If the bit isn’t quite right, we’ll take it back. If the bit is just what you need, keep it and enjoy the feel of a perfectly bitted horse. Any of the bits shown below are available for rent. All bits have a rental fee of $15.00 plus shipping and handling per bit for a fourteen day rental period. If you choose to keep the test bit, give us a call to let us know and we will charge your card on file and discount the price of the bit the entire rental fee ($15). Bits that are not returned within fourteen days will be charged to the credit card on file. No returns are accepted after the two week trial period. All bits are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each rental. To rent a bit or for more information about our Bit Rental Program, please contact customer service at 1-800-972-7985.

Now rental bits ship for a low flat rate! If your order contains just a rental bit and nothing else, we'll ship it to you for a flat rate of $5.95 (US Priority Mail only).

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Herm Sprenger SENSOGAN® Dynamic RS Universal 16mm Bit Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS WH-Ultra Eggbutt Bit Herm Sprenger SENSOGAN® WH Ultra Loose Ring 16mm Bit
Herm Sprenger SENSOGAN® Dynamic RS Loose Ring 14mm Bit Herm Sprenger SENSOGAN KK Ultra Loose Ring 18mm - RENTAL Herm Sprenger SENSOGAN® KK ULTRA Loose Ring 16M English Bit