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When it comes to horse Blankets and Sheets you need durability, comfort and fit. If you’re unsure in what fit or model you need, please call our customer service department at 800-972-7985. We have professional horsemen and horsewomen on staff and well trained in the sizing and the fitting of horse blankets and sheets.

No matter whether your horses are stabled inside or out in the pasture, at some point they will have to deal with nature’s elements. Horse blankets are ideal for keeping your equine protected from the cold, intense winds and even pesky insects.

Bit of Britain has a wide array of horse blankets for sale, ranging from light turnouts and fly sheets to heavier stable blankets for when the temperature drops.

Our winter horse blankets are ideal for keeping horses warm, dry and comfortable during the coldest months. Waterproof horse blankets provide protection against both snow and soaking rains. Horse fly sheets are great for use in the summertime as they protect against insect bites without heavy, hot layers that may cause your horse to overheat and become uncomfortable. We carry several trusted brands like Amigo, Bravo and Weatherbeeta, so you know that you are getting a quality item.
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