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Horse Grooming Supplies

Horses require a lot of care and maintenance to ensure that they are happy, healthy and fit to ride! Even if it’s not competition season, your horse should still be groomed regularly to keep them looking and feeling their best. Bit of Britain offers a complete selection of horse grooming supplies and horse grooming tools to help you get the job done so you can spend more time riding.

From shower supplies and braiding products to horse brush sets and clippers, we’ve got everything you need to groom and care for your horse from head to toe. Pick up a natural sheepskin groom mitt to add a healthy shine to your horse’s coat and a pair of clipper blades for quick and easy touchups. We also stock a range of grooming totes and aprons to help you keep horse brushes and other grooming supplies organized and ready for travel when you need them.

Whether you’re searching for a new set of horse grooming brushes or looking for a quality braiding kit to tame your horse’s mane, look no further than the selection of products at Bit of Britain!

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Solo Comb™ Solo Comb
Reg. Price: $32.95
Eqyss Micro-Tek Shampoo Eqyss Micro-Tek Shampoo
Reg. Price: $21.95
Canter Coat Shine Canter Coat Shine
Reg. Price: $20.95
Waxed Braiding Thread Waxed Braiding Thread
Reg. Price: $18.95
Reg. Price: $17.95
Europa Grooming Mitt Europa Grooming Mitt
Reg. Price: $16.95
Pine Tar Pine Tar
Reg. Price: $15.95
Thinning Shears Thinning Shears
Reg. Price: $12.95
De-Braider D-Braider
Reg. Price: $12.95
Quic Braid Quic Braid
Reg. Price: $11.95
Europa Ear Plugs 3 pack Europa Ear Plugs 3 pack
Reg. Price: $10.95
Shapley's Easy Out Shapley's Easy Out
Reg. Price: $10.95
HorseShave Razors HorseShave Razors 6-Pack
Reg. Price: $10.95
Andis Cool Blade Care Plus Jar Andis Blade Care Plus
Reg. Price: $10.95
Vetrolin Conditioning Shampoo Vetrolin Bath
Reg. Price: $10.95
Big Touch Groomer Big Touch Groomer
Reg. Price: $8.95
Corona Shampoo Corona Shampoo
Reg. Price: $8.95
Cactus Mitt Cactus Mitt
Reg. Price: $6.00
Cactus Cloth Cactus Cloth
Reg. Price: $6.00
Epona Comb Epona Comb
Reg. Price: $5.95
Shedding Blade Shedding Blade
Reg. Price: $5.95
Massage Jelly Scrubber Massage Jelly Scrubber
Reg. Price: $5.95
Quarter Markers Quarter Markers
Reg. Price: $5.95
Half Moon Body Sponge Half Moon Body Sponge
Reg. Price: $5.95
Braiding Yarn Braiding Yarn
Reg. Price: $5.50
Folding Hoof Pick Folding Hoof Pick
Reg. Price: $4.95