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Interested in the Invictus Necesse Pad and the incredible protective technology packed into its 1.1 centimeters, but hesitant to spend the money? We completely understand, which is why we’ve started an Invictus Pad Rental program!

Meet the pad:

Only 1.1cm (0.43”) thick. Completely breathable and lightweight. Ergonomically correct and flexible. An unequalled level of protection against impact and pressure in a thin layer made possible by patented technology from d3o®.The d3o® material is constructed of intelligent, reactive molecules that move together relative to pressure or impact and form a strategic barrier. At the moment pressure subsides, the protective layer returns to its soft, flexible state to move in unison with your horse's movement. A smart material for a smart solution.

Here’s how the rental works:

  • Find the Invictus Necesse Rental Pad listing below.
  • Click “Add to Cart”
  • Your card will be authorized for the full amount of the pad, plus flat rate shipping $9.95 shipping, HOWEVER you will only be charged a deposit of $15 (plus shipping) for the rental.
  • You have 14 days from the time you receive the pad to try it.
  • If you love it (which we have a feeling you will), keep the rental! If you want a brand new one (though the majority of rental pads are new), or another color or style, pay to ship it back and we'll cover the cost of the new one going back to you. Your card will be charged for the remaining amount, less the $15 deposit.
  • Otherwise, it should be shipped back (at the cost of the renter) within the 14 day trial period in the same condition you received it in.
  • If the rental pad is not returned within the trial period, your card will be charged the full amount of the pad, minus the initial $15 deposit. No returns will be accepted beyond the trial period.

Questions? Contact Customer Service at 1-800-972-7985 or via

D3O Material Demonstration from Equant on Vimeo.

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