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Stirrups and Leathers

Out of all the tack that riders use, some of the most important pieces tend to be the ones that allow you to better communicate with your horse and have greater control over your ride. Stirrups are not only essential for mounting, but they’re a piece of equipment that riders rely on throughout the entire course of a ride, so it’s important that you find the right size and variant that suits your style and needs best.

Bit of Britain offers an extensive selection of stirrups and stirrups leathers for sale specifically for dressage, cross country, jumping and other disciplines and riding preferences. All of our stirrups easily attach to the saddle using stirrup leathers. A properly fitted stirrup will allow for the ball of a boot to fit comfortably in the opening. Riding is inherently dangerous, so we also carry safety stirrups that have rubber bands that will disengage if a rider were to fall off of the horse. Flexible stirrups allow you to select any of three preset stirrup positions (traditional, 45 degrees or 90 degrees) so you can position them exactly where you want them.

And don’t think that you need a brand new set of stirrups just because your grip pads are worn down – Bit of Britain has a great selection of interchangeable stirrup pads in several sizes to best fit your existing tack. From quality padded leathers to irons for a range of disciplines, trust Bit of Britain when you’re looking for the best stirrups and stirrup leathers available!

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