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Galloping & Cross Country Boots

An event horse is the ultimate athlete and his legs need protection from tendon injuries, cuts and bruises both in training and in competition. The experts at Bit of Britain have selected the highest-performing boots to keep your horse's legs safe from injury and to give you peace of mind. The design of galloping boots focuses on giving maximum support to hard-working tendons when they are challenged by variations in footing and gradient. Cross-country boots combine tendon support with extra padding over bony areas like the fetlocks which are vulnerable to cuts and bruises, particularly on the inside where a horse can slice himself with the opposite hoof. Choose affordable boots with a simple and reliable system of straps with hook and loop closures, or top-of-the-range boots that have been tried and tested by professionals for maximum protection and performance. Browse online at Bit of Britain to find the galloping and cross-country boots that best suit you and your mount.