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Back on Track Baby Saddle Pad - Black


One Size

Product Description

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Product Description

Go to Back on Track's Therapeutic Baby Pad for a lighter and more breathable pad that is perfect for warm summer rides.

Back on Track's Therapeutic Baby Pad is a great option to incorporate their state-of-the-art Welltex technology while riding or working your horse on the lunge or in-hand in your favorite baby pad. Just like Back on Track's saddle pads, the Therapeutic Baby Pad helps increase blood flow while riding, keeping your horse’s back muscles loose and relaxed.


  • Baby pad
  • Incorporates state-of-the-art Welltex technology
  • Helps increase blood flow
  • Encourages loose and relaxed back muscles
  • Light and breathable
  • Perfect for warm summer rides

Care Instructions:

Wash at 40 degrees Celsius / 104 degrees Fahrenheit with a mild detergent. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry our products. Line dry only.