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Back on Track Royal Work Hind Boot - Black



Product Description

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Product Description

Provide your horse with a superior alternative to polo wraps with the Back on Track Royal Hind Work Boots.

Designed for flatwork only, these boots are ideal for dressage work providing extra support for the tendons and ligaments. These boots are lined with Welltex material, which uses soothing far infrared therapy to increase blood circulation. The liner is also breathable and moisture-wicking and conforms to the horse's legs, while a molded, nylon coated outer provides added protection against brushing injuries. The tab closures are easy to apply. Pair with the Back on Track Royal Front Work Boots for full protection.

The effect of Back on Track products increases with movement as the body’s energy increases, so in addition to using pads and blankets in the stables, the horse should also use our products when moving, especially with products such as our leg wraps, saddle pads, exercise sheets, and blankets. For long term issues, your horse or dog may need to use Back on Track products for an extended period. After use for 2-3 weeks, you can take a one week break to assess the issues and determine if the products are working.


  • Flatwork protective boots
  • Lined with breathable neoprene and Welltex
  • Provides a soothing far infrared effect
  • Inner liner conforms to the horse's legs
  • Nylon coated outer shell provides added protection against interference
  • Easy to use tab closures
  • Pair with the Back on Track Royal Front Work Boots for full protection