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Size chart for the Waldies Dana Clog

WaldiesŪ are designed to fit uniquely from all your other shoes. Because of the properties of the foam, WaldiesŪ should fit loosely while still offering comfort and support. The following shoe size chart has been provided specifically for determining WaldiesŪ shoe sizes. You should choose you WaldiesŪ shoe size according to the size chart provided. After purchasing your new Waldies, check with the following guidelines to ensure that you have the proper fit:
  •  They should fit loosely 
  •  The sides and front of your foot should not really touch the sides of the shoe. 
  • When your foot is centered in the foot-bed, you should have some space between the insides of the shoe and your foot.
  • There should be enough space between the strap and your foot for your fingers to fit through. 
  • You should not feel any pressure points * VERY NARROW FEET SHOULD SIZE DOWN * Check out our size chart to find your perfect match.