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PolyPads All Purpose Saddle Pads PolyPads® All Purpose Saddle Pads

More Colors Available

Reg. Price: $65.00
The Buffer© by PolyPads® The Buffer by PolyPads®

More Colors Available

Reg. Price: $66.00
Butterfly© by PolyPads® Butterfly by PolyPads

The PolyPads® Butterfly is PolyPads newest High-Profile full pad with the Filament Air-Trap System giving your horse superior protection with minimal bulk. It has been beautifully tailored into a butterfly shape for improved leg contact and is fully reversible. The new Filament Air-Trap© System is highly resistant to compression, giving superior back protection within a thinner ‘sandwich. Handcrafted in England.

  • Color: White with White Trim
  • Size: All Purpose

Reg. Price: $70.00
PolyPads® Dressage Saddle Pads PolyPads Dressage Saddle Pads

The more PolyPads® we sell the more we hear from folks who rave about them. This pad is definitely a winner. Endorsed by Mary King, Alison Bradley, Jane Wallace, and Jane Sleeper, as well as Mark Todd in his book Training The Event Rider.

PolyPads® have been carefully designed to provide a uniform bearing surface under the saddle and are generously cut with a constant thickness of soft, shock-absorbing polyester-fibre filling throughout. PolyPads® will stay firmly in place without the use of annoying little straps - none! Cleverly crafted poly cotton outside shell means superior air flow and amazing durability wash after wash and quick dry time. Handcrafted in England.

  • Size: Dressage 26" x 42"
  • Thickness:
    • Single (4 cm. Poly fill - $71.00) - Navy, Black, Hunter, Royal, White
    • Plus (6 cm. Poly fill - $79.00) - Black, White
    • Double (8cm. Poly fill - $88.00) - Black, White

Reg. Price: $71.00
PolyPads® Contoured Dressage Pad PolyPads® Contoured Pad

PolyPads® has done it again. They have come up with a fitted pad that not only stays in place without straps, but is also shock absorbing and easy to wash & dry.

  • Color: Black or White
  • Size: AP ($72.00) Dressage ($81.00) - Single Thickness only

Reg. Price: $72.00
Hi Viz PolyPad® Hi Viz PolyPad®

More Colors Available

Reg. Price: $79.95