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Collegiate Comfitec Sheepskin Bridle - Black

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Product Description

Give your horse the ultimate in comfort and style with the Collegiate ComFiTec Sheepskin Bridle.

This bridle is made of high quality European leather and features an an anatomically shaped head piece which provides added comfort by distributing even pressure across the poll. The shaped padding around the horse's ears allows for maximum freedom and comfort, while the ergonomically designed noseband alleviates pressure on the upper jaw and molar teeth. Additionally, it has a padded cheek strap and cheek ring to reduce pressure on the facial nerves. This bridle has a removable sheepskin noseband for extra comfort with a stylish crystal accented ergonomic browband.


  • Ergonomic snaffle bridle
  • Anatomically shaped headpiece evenly distributes pressure across the poll for comfort
  • Double padding over poll area minimizes pressure and shaped padding around the horses ears allows for maximum freedom and comfort
  • Ergonomically designed noseband that is shaped to alleviate pressure of the upper jaw and molar teeth
  • Cheek strap and padded cheek ring alleviates pressure of facial nerves for comfort
  • European leather
  • Sheepskin padding on nose
  • Crystal accented ergonomic browband