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Horse TackBitsEnglish BitsHappy Mouth Bits Mullen Shaped Kimberwick - Stainless Steel

Happy Mouth Bits Mullen Shaped Kimberwick - Stainless Steel



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Product Description

Ideal for horses with fussy mouths, the Happy Mouth Mullen Shaped Kimberwick provides extra control when needed.

Featuring a pleasant apple scent, the unique polymer material encourages the horse to accept the bit and encourages salivation. The kimberwick cheekpieces add leverage for advanced control. The shaped mouthpiece provides stability for horses that prefer little to no movement in their mouth. Includes a curb chain.

Note that due to the construction on the cheek, this bit style will measure 1/4" less than the listed sizes state.


  • Mullen mouth kimberwick
  • Apple scented polymer encourages acceptance of the bit
  • Includes curb chain