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Horse TackBitsEnglish BitsHerm Sprenger Dynamic RS Loose Ring Bit 16mm Single Jointed - Sensogan

Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS Loose Ring Bit 16mm Single Jointed - Sensogan

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Product Description

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Product Description

Ride with the Dynamic RS 16mm Single Jointed Sensogan® Loose Ring Bit from Herm Sprenger for a brilliant bit for horses that are overactive in the mouth and therefore unresponsive to the signals of double jointed bits.

The joint of the Dynamic RS bits has been angled forward by 45 degrees in order to guarantee an even distribution of pressure on both sides of the tongue. With the ergonomic shape, the rein aids reach the horse‘s mouth in a more targeted manner. When used correctly, Dynamic RS bits provide a confident contact even with sensitive horses. Additionally, the mouthpiece is made of Sensogan®. Developed by SPRENGER, Sensogan® is toxicologically tested, has a high compatibility and is exceptionally well tolerated. Furthermore, the Sensogan® mouthpiece is easy to clean and results in a consistent flow of saliva promoting bit acceptance. This 16mm bit fits anatomically correct between the tongue and palate and allows effectiverein aids. It is designed to encourage the horse toconfidently step forward to the bit and is ideal for sensitive horses or horseswith a fleshy tongue.


  • Ergonomical shape allowing a soft and even distribution of pressure, middle link angled forward by 45°
  • Fits anatomically correct between tongue and palate, allows effective rein aids
  • Designed to encourage the horse to confidently step forward to the bit
  • Ideal for sensitive horses or horses with a fleshy tongue
  • Supports a confident contact and the acceptance of the bit
  • 4 1/2" bit has 55mm ring, while 5" and up have 70mm ring
  • Sensogan® mouthpiece