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Horse Boots & Leg Wraps for A Healthy, Happy Horse

With all the movement and activity your horse engages in on a daily basis, from running and jumping to trail riding, their lower legs are very susceptible to injury, irritation and abrasions. Whether you’re trailering your horse cross country to a competition, boarding them at a nearby stable, or taking them out to the arena for some exercise, we have an extensive selection of horse boots that will keep your horse’s legs protected in every situation.

Bit of Britain carries a wide selection of specially designed horse leg wraps for every part of the leg down to the hooves so you can rest assured that your horse’s legs are protected when and where they most need it. Our inventory of splint boots for horses are ideal for offering extra support and for keeping dirt and grime away. Keep legs from rubbing together when exercising with our selection of lightweight brushing boots or protect hooves from chipping and nicking the ankles with maximum protection equine hoof boots. Your horse will travel comfortably in padded shipping boots while any of our open front boots are great for use in competition.

Choose horse boots from trusted, industry-leading brands like Nunn Finer, EquiFit and Eskadron; we are proud to offer some of the most technologically advanced and quality products on the market. Whether your horse is a competitive jumper or you are looking for some extra support during lunging, our selection of new horse boots for sale are sure to please both you and your steed.

If you have any questions or need assistance picking out the best boots to fit your horse’s needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives. We are also proud to offer USEA and USPC Member Discounts and $9.95 Flat Rate Shipping on all orders shipped within the continental United States.