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Bell Boots - Overreach Boots

An overreach injury where a horse strikes the back of a front heel with a hind foot can be a minor inconvenience or a career-ending event. At Bit of Britain find bell boots at a choice of price points to protect your horse from this unfortunate eventuality. While some horses with a big action behind are more susceptible than others, all horses are liable to overreach injuries when playing around in the paddock or when tackling drop fences or banks on a cross-country course. Correctly-fitting bell boots should completely cover the heel but should not be so long that the horse is liable to step on them. Pull-on boots in stretchy rubber are an affordable and reliable option, while boots with a hook and loop closure are easy to use and are made of stronger, more durable material. Save yourself the heartache of an overreach injury, or yet another pulled front shoe, by equipping your horse with a pair of overreach boots from Bit of Britain.

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