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Martingale Attachments or Breastplate Accessories

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Martingale & Breastplate Accessories

Convert your breastplate into a running martingale or save the day by finding vital accessories for your breastplate! Bit of Britain has the attachments, clips and replacement straps you need to augment your existing tack or to replace broken parts. Choose a simple leather running martingale attachment, or opt for a mix of leather with elastic straps to reduce tension on the rein. Attach to the girth with a traditional leather strap or a simple snap for simplicity. Protect your saddle's integrity with purpose-designed D-ring savers which allow the breastplate to be connected direct to the stirrup bars for security. Find convenient breastplate clips and leather straps which can be used to attach a neck-strap to the saddle in accordance with the latest rules. Get that fresh-out-of-the-starting-gate look with replacement padding for the shoulders and chest area of your breastplate. You can rely on eventing experts Bit of Britain and Nunn Finer to have all the martingale and breastplate accessories you need for a safe and secure ride.

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