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Kensington Premium Halter - Deluxe Hunter

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Deluxe Hunter

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Product Description

For a super sturdy halter that is elegantly styled and comfortable to the horse, purchase the Kensington Premium Halter.

The Kensington Premium Halter is even stronger than your leather halter. For ease of use, the halter features a snap at the throat to ensure an identical fit each time this halter is worn. Kensington spares no expense in the safety and control of your horse. 1 thick nylon webbing is doubled over making it double thick and is even triple folded at snaps and rings. Double stitching ensures the multiple layers dont come apart, and box stitching makes the halter extremely durable at sensitive points. Textilene mesh lines the cheeks and noseband for durability and style. Holes at the buckle are heated to prevent fraying. Stronger than leather! Handcrafted from premium 1 nylon webbing that is doubled for 2 x strength and triple folded at snaps and rings for extra durability.


  • Nylon halter
  • Double stitching plus box stitching at stress points
  • Heat sealed buckle holes to prevent fraying
  • Padded nose piece adds comfort and control
  • Throat snap for easy haltering of tall horses
  • Textilene mesh on cheek and nose bands for added durability and style
  • Brass plated hardware