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M. Toulouse Performance Dressage Saddle Genesis Adjustable - Black


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Technical Specifications


Product Description

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Product Description

The M. Toulouse Performance Dressage saddle has a medium-large knee block and a soft padded flap that molds perfectly over the block.

The front billet runs behind the sweat-flap, reappearing on top through a slot for stability. The rear V-Billeting system equalizes the back billet position. Accented and trimmed with patent leather for a little pizazz in the show-ring. Soft padded double leather needs no breaking in, with just the right amount of grip. Wool STP Advantage panels and Genesis Adjustable Tree for a custom fit.


  • Genesis Adjustable Tree
  • STP Advantage Wool Panels
  • Deep Seat
  • Medium Narrow Twist
  • Sewn in Front Knee Block
  • No Rear Thigh Block
  • 1 Nylon Sewn & 1 Equalizer Billet
  • Double Leather

Care Instructions:

M. Toulouse recommends that you keep conditioners away from the seats of the saddles as much as possible, as using some conditioners more often than a couple of times a month can lead to over-softening of the already soft seat-leather, creating wrinkles. Wiping down with a soft cloth or damp sponge is usually enough for day to day care. Use leather cleaner when the leather needs a bit more, and condition if the saddle is used during inclement weather (immediately after the ride) and allow it to dry thoroughly before riding again.