Air Vests

The cross-country phase of eventing requires horse and rider to jump solid natural obstacles at speed and the occasional fall is inevitable. Years of research have led to the development of state-of-the-art air vests which are worn over a traditional body protector and inflate between the rider leaving the saddle and hitting the ground thanks to fast-acting CO2 cartridges. At Bit of Britain find air vests from the most trusted names on the market. Lightweight and comfortable, with many practical design concepts, air vests provide peace of mind to riders as well as concerned friends and family. Designed to protect vulnerable areas such as the neck, lower back and hips, air vests also reduce the risk of internal injury should the horse land on the rider. Easy to use and unobtrusive, air vests are now a natural and favored part of every eventer's wardrobe. For ultimate safety rely on Bit of Britain to have the best air vest products available.