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Equestrian Whips - Riding Crops & English Spurs

Whether to refine your horse's response to the leg aids, or to confirm his courage cross-country, it is sometimes expedient to carry a whip or wear a pair of spurs. Eventing experts Bit of Britain have whips for jumping and dressage, and spurs and straps by Stubben, Sprenger and Nunn Finer. Long whips for dressage are well-balanced and lightweight, allowing riders to finesse their aids when asking for engagement of the hind end. Jumping bats come with a choice of hand grips for personal comfort and in a range of colors and designs. Humane air whips are popular for cross-country as they make a slapping noise for encouragement. Plain, roller ball or roweled spurs conform to competition rules and are traditionally attached with black leather straps. For schooling, affordable nylon straps are easy to adjust, while innovative rubber straps in a choice of vibrant colors are a fun new option. Visit Bit of Britain today to find the best quality whips and spurs on the market.

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