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TuffRider Jumping Saddle Pad - Titanium

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Product Description

The TuffRider Jumping Saddle Pad is a great match for any close contact saddle.

A shaped pad compliments close contact saddles and allows for less friction on the horse's skin. A well padded saddle area cushions the horse's dorsal muscles to maintain comfort, keeping your horse happy all ride long. A gently sloped spine allows for clearance for vertebrae and is especially accommodating to horses with prominent withers. Soft, polyester fabric provides comfort and aids in moisture-wicking to discourage fungal growth. Girth loops stable the pad under the saddle and prevent slippage.


  • Shaped - Compliments Close Contact Saddles
  • Cushioned Saddle Area
  • Girth Loops
  • Diamond and square quilt pattern
  • 100% Polyester

Care Instructions:

Conveniently machine washable, this pad is easily cleaned for worry-free maintenance!